$10,000 Minute Thursday August 12th – 2PM

Congrats to Hope who took a shot at these questions and qualifies for the $10000 Minute on Sept 3rd!

1.            What is a female fox called?


2.            What kind of triangle has NO equal sides or angles?


3.            What tree nut is used to make marzipan?


4.            Chris Hemsworth celebrated his birthday yesterday. Which Marvel superhero does he portray?


5.            Which NHL team won the 2021 Stanley Cup finals?

(Tampa Bay Lightning)

6.            What natural material is most commonly used in making glass?


7.            What does the abbreviation UFO stand for?

(Unidentified Flying Object)

8.            In The Matrix, does Neo take the blue pill or the red pill?


9.            SPELL: Hiatus.

(H I A T U S)

10.         What does the ‘CN’ in CN Tower stand for?

(Canadian National)