$1000 Minute Thursday, January 9th!

Did you get them all right today?

1)  What fruit is dried to become a prune?







2)  Who is the villain – Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?
(Mr. Hyde)







3)  SPELL: Separate.
(S E P A R A T E)







4)  Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge celebrates a birthday today. Which Prince is she married to?







5)  How many spaces does a tic-tac-toe game use?








6)  Who will be hosting the Oscars this year?
(No One)







7)  What code is made up of dots and dashes?
(Morse Code)








8)  Pat and her two friends are splitting on pizza. If the pizza cost $45 how much will each of them have to pay?








9)   The Barrie Colts have a home game tonight against the Wolves. What City are the Wolves from?








10) What colour is the Kool-Aid man?