$1000 Minute Thursday, June 11th

Charlie got a passing grade today, how did you do?

1) What is the term used for biofilm that builds up on our teeth?






2) Today is June 11th. What is our next statutory holiday in Ontario?
(Canada Day/July 1st)






3) In which Country would you find Loch Ness, and possibly the mythical Loch Ness monster?







4) Peter Dinklage celebrates a birthday today. Which character is he known for playing in the Game of Thrones tv series?
(Tyrion/Tyrion Lannister)







5) What term is used for someone that can use both hands with equal skill?





6) SPELL: Somersault.
(S O M E R S A U L T)







7) What is the next number in this sequence… 52 / 58 / 64…







8) In bowling, what is the term given for three consecutive strikes?
(A Turkey)







9) Harbor, Spotted, and Harp are all different types of what marine mammal?







10) Which adaptation allows an organism to blend in with its surroundings?