$1000 Minute Thursday, June 4th

How did you do this morning?

1) What is the name of the sauce that traditionally accompanies souvlaki?






2) Jane has $200. She buys a pair of jeans for $75 and a shirt for $20. How much money does she have left over?







3) ‘Ewoks’ are a fictional species that appear in what popular film series?
(Star Wars)







4) Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart are all known as some of the greatest composers of what type of music?








5) Name the teen drama Netflix original series that has its fourth and final season releasing tomorrow.
(13 Reasons Why)







6) SPELL: Turquoise.
(T U R Q U O I S E)








7) Name the German fairy tale of two sibling children that find a house made of bread, cakes, and sugar in the woods.
(Hansel & Gretel)







8) ROYGBIV (Roy G. Biv) is an acronym used to remember the colours that make up what?
(A Rainbow)







9) How many stars make up the Big Dipper?







10) If you are lying in bed “supine”, are you facing up or down?