$1000 Minute Thursday, May 14th

First responder Brett played this morning for bragging rights, he got 9 right!

1) When referring to a website, what does WWW stand for?
(World Wide Web)







2) What animal was Tarzan raised by?








3) If you order a martini “with a twist”, the bartender will add what to your martini?
(Lemon peel/lemon)







4) Mark Zuckerberg celebrates a birthday today. Mark is the CEO of what social media company?







5) Name the potato chip brand that is known for the slogan “Betcha can’t eat just one”








6) What is Caviar?
(Fish Eggs/Roe)







7) If you add up the sum of all angles in ANY given triangle, it will ALWAYS equal how many degrees?








8) SPELL: Vengeance.
(V E N G E A N C E)








9) The Grand Canyon is located in which Southwestern US State?








10) What is the name of the dessert consisting of a rich custard base with a layer of hardened caramelized sugar on top?
(Crème Brûlée)