$1000 Minute Tuesday April 27 – 2PM

Sandra from Holland Landing got 8 correct!

  1. Who lives in a trash can on Sesame Street?

(Oscar/Oscar the Grouch)


2.            What blood type qualifies as a universal donor?

(O Negative)


3.            Harvard University is situated in which US State?



4.            How many S’s are in the word ASSESSMENT?



5.            In math, when following the rule of ‘BEDMAS’, what does the B stand for?



6.            Selena Gomez’s first TV acting gig was on Blue’s Clues, Barney & Friends, OR Mickey Mouse Clubhouse?

(Barney & Friends)


7.            Which edible bulb of the onion family is composed of small segments called cloves?



8.            In a game of golf, what is it called when a player is one OVER par on a hole?



9.            In Greek Mythology, Achilles was killed by having an arrow shot through which part of his body?



10.         What are baby goats called?