$1000 Minute Tuesday, April 28th

How did you do this morning?

1) The prehistoric monument known as ‘Stonehenge’ is located in what Country?






2) How many A’s are in the word AVOCADO?






3) In baseball, what is the name of the fielder positioned in the infield between second and third base?
(Short Stop)







4) Today is National Superhero Day. What Superhero will Robert Pattinson be portraying in the new movie coming out next year.








5) Todd gave Penny 12 new markers. If Penny has 19 markers now, how many did she have BEFORE Todd gave her the new ones?







6) Twins Jonathan and Drew Scott celebrate birthdays today. They are co-hosts together on what popular HGTV series?
(Property Brothers)







7) SPELL: Rhinoceros.
(R H I N O C E R O S)







8) What is the ONLY mythological animal mentioned in a Harry Potter book title?







9) Name the device used by musicians that marks time at a selected rate by giving a regular ‘tick’ sound







10) In farming and science, what does the O stand for in GMO?