$1000 Minute Tuesday, April 7th

Dale Got 8 right today! How did you do?

1) Which wedding anniversary are you celebrating if it’s your Silver anniversary? (25th)




2) Adidas and Volkswagen are companies from what country? (Germany)




3) Jackie Chan is 66 today. NAME the movie series he starred alongside Chris Tucker. (Rush Hour)




4) If listed alphabetically, does April or August come first? (April)




5) What did Cinderella loose at the ball? (Glass slipper)




6) TRUE OR FALSE: The Atlantic is the biggest ocean in the world. (False- Pacific)




7) What is a female deer called? (Doe)




8) SPELL: Cinnamon. (C-I-N-N-A-M-O-N)




9)  If you add the two numbers on the opposite sides of a dice together, what total do you typically always get? (7)




10)  Which of the following is a source of renewable energy: coal, sunlight, or oil? (Sunlight)