$1000 Minute, Tuesday January 21st

Did you get 8 out of 10?

  1. What is the common name used for “table tennis”?






  1. What is the national language of Brazil?






  1. Guy Fieri celebrates a birthday tomorrow. FILL IN THE BLANK: Guy hosts the popular food network show “Diners, Drive-Ins and (blank).”






  1. What does a ‘protractor’ measure?






  1. What City will the Superbowl be taking place in this year?







  1. What term describes an animal’s seasonal travel from one environment to another?







  1. The 62nd Annual Grammy Award Ceremony is this weekend. Who will be hosting again this year for her second time?
    (Alicia Keys)







  1.    How many S’s are in the word Possession?







  1. SPELL: Possession.
    (P O S S E S S I O N)







  1. What is the hard white surface of a tooth called?