$1000 Minute Tuesday, January 7th

How did you do this morning?

1)  On which Canadian dollar bill would you see John A Macdonald’s face?
(10 Dollar Bill)






2)  Vault, Uneven bars, balance beam, and floor exercise are all different events from what sport?







3)  Which province is the most easterly point in Canada?







4)  Today is Nicholas Cage’s birthday. Name the 1995 movie that he won an Academy Award for Best Actor.
(Leaving Las Vegas)








5)  TRUE OR FALSE: hand sanitizer kills 100% of germs and bacteria
(FALSE – 99.9%)









6)  The Letter V represents what number in Roman Numerals?








7)  As of September 2019, what is the most recently released model of the iPhone?
(11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max)








8)  Who won the gold in the World Juniors game on Sunday?








9)  There are 8 kids at Jacks birthday party. If each kid would like 3 slices of pizza, how many slices do you need total?









10)  In the X-Men film franchise, which mutant did Halle Berry play?