$1000 Minute Tuesday, March 10th !

How did you do this morning?

  1. Which Canadian province is famous for its red sand?
    (Prince Edward Island/PEI)



 2. Vincent Van Gogh famously cut off what body part?
(His Ear)


 3. SPELL: Bankruptcy.
(B A N K R U P T C Y)







 4. Carrie Underwood celebrates a birthday today. What singing competition tv series did she rise to fame from as the winner of the fourth season?
(American Idol)







 5. TRUE OR FALSE: It takes the moon 12 months to revolve the Earth.
(FALSE – It takes 1 month)







 6. Name the new movie coming to theatres this week that stars Vin Diesel as a resurrected superhuman.







7. Name the Robin Williams movie where he dresses as a woman to Nanny his own children.
(Mrs. Doubtfire)






8. Which Toronto sports team was in Utah facing the Jazz last night?







9. The study of space, and the physical universe as a whole, is called what?








 10. What is 24 + 26?