$1000 Minute Tuesday, March 31st

Charlie got 3 today- epic!

1) In ‘Mary Poppins’, what animal was on the end of Mary Poppins’ umbrella that spoke?






2) Who is the current host of ‘The Late Show’?
(Stephen Colbert)







3) What year will it be in 27 years from today?






4) Wood and putter are equipment used in which sport?
5) On which mountain would you find the home of the Greek Gods?
(Mount Olympus)






6) Earth is the _ numbered planet from the Sun?
7) SPELL: Necessary.
8) TRUE OR FALSE: The city of Montreal is an island.





9) What shape is a traditional Ontario stop sign?

10) It’s said that hamburgers are named after THIS city in northern Germany.
(Hamburg, Germany)