$1000 Minute Tuesday, March 3rd

How did you do this morning?


  1. A Palaeontologist is someone who studies what?






2. Name the Cuban-American solo artist, previously a part of girl group “Fifth Harmony” who celebrates a birthday today.
(Camila Cabello)






 3. Harvard University is situated in which US State?






 4. The Special Olympics is having their annual fundraiser this weekend where people jump into freezing cold water at Centennial Beach. What is the event called?
(Polar Plunge/Barrie Polar Plunge)





 5. NHL players Tuka Rask, Carey Price, and Fredrick Anderson are known for playing what position?
(Goalie/Goal Tender)






 6. SPELL: Piranha
 (P I R A N H A)





 7. TRUE OR FALSE: Orange is one of the five colours included in the Olympic rings.
(FALSE – Blue, Yellow, Black, Green, Red)






8. Name the new Disney Pixar movie coming to theatres this week with stars Tom Holland and Chris Pratt.




9. Carol has meetings from 10am-2pm Monday through Thursday this week. How many hours will she spend in meeting this week?




10. Which Arctic animal can be found on the Canadian toonie?
(Polar Bear)