$1000 Minute Tuesday, May 5th

How did you do today?

1) What does the H stand for in H2O?






2) If a shape is concave, is it bending inward or outward?






3) What do you call a person who studies rocks?







4) Name one of four houses at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.







5) What is the name of the annual celebration observed by Mexicans today?
(Cinco de Mayo)







6) SPELL: Torrential.
(T O R R E N T I A L)







7) What is the name of the cocktail made with vodka and clamato juice?







8) What do honey bees collect?








9) If Emily is 8 years old and Sarah is half the age of Emily, how old would Sarah be when Emily is 80?







10) Carpal bones are found in what part of the body?