$1000 Minute Wednesday, April 15th

Charlie didn't do so well this time around,,,,

1) How many teaspoons are in one tablespoon?





2) What is the game show that revolves around contestants competing to identify accurate pricing of merchandise to win cash and prizes?
(The Price is Right)





3) What is the national dish of Scotland?






4) In baseball, the home plate has how many sides?
(5 – Pentagon)






5) Today is Emma Watson’s birthday. What is the name of her character from the Harry Potter series?
(Hermione Granger)






6) Vanilla flavouring is derived from which flower?






7) SPELL: Millennium.
(M I L L E N N I U M)






8) Other than the letter O, which letter in the Google logo is red?






9) What is the only current Canadian coin that does NOT have an animal on it?






10) Which US State is named on the label of a Jack Daniels bottle?