$1000 Minute Wednesday, February 19th

How did you do this morning!

  1. Diamonds are made up almost entirely of what element?





 2. What vegetable comes in varieties like Cremini, Oyster, and Portobello?






 3. Name the only continent in the world in which you would not find any bees.





 4. From Disney’s Robin Hood, what kind of animal was Little John?






 5. If the time is 17:15 on a 24-hour clock, what time is it on a 12-hour clock?





 6. Last week a new movie was released to theatres about a blue hedgehog known from the Sega video game series. What is his name?






 7. SPELL: Silhouette.
(S I L H O U E T T E)






 8.  Wearing number 91, Name the Captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs.
(John Tavares)






 9. What boy band will be playing at the Budweiser Stage this September for their DNA World Tour?
(Backstreet Boys)






 10. Name the child actress from the 1930’s that has the same name as a drink.
(Shirley Temple)