$1000 Minute Wednesday, June 3rd

How did you do this morning?

1) What do we have on our tongues that allow us to taste the differences in different foods?
(Taste buds)






2) You are the CEO of a company. What does the E stand for in CEO?






3) What European Country do the Mama Mia movies take place in?







4) Seismology is the study of what natural disaster?







5) SPELL: Minuscule.
(M I N U S C U L E)







6) Taylor baked 100 cupcakes. If her family eats 85% of the cupcakes, how many is Taylor left with?







7) Angelina Jolie celebrates a birthday tomorrow. Name the “Mistress of Evil” Disney character she is known for portraying.







8) How many signs are there in the zodiac?







9) What animal is known for spitting at others when trying to keep you away?







10) What is the medical term that means “without symptoms”?