$1000 Minute Wednesday, March 11th

How did you do this morning?

  1. What colour is Thomas the tank engine?






 2. The Wheelbarrow, Thimble, and Boot are all playing pieces used in what popular board game?






 3. SPELL: Caribbean.
(C A R I B B E A N)






 4. What is Spiderman’s real first AND last name?
(Peter Parker)






 5. The 9th installment of the fast and furious franchise is set to be released May 22nd. What actor is known for playing main character Dominic Toretto?
(Vin Diesel)






 6. What sport is known for the passing terms, Spike, Set and Serve?







7. Actor and dare devil Johnny Knoxville celebrates a birthday today. If he was born in 1971, how old did he turn today?






8. TRUE OR FALSE: This Friday is the first day of Spring.
(FALSE – Next Friday-March 20th)






9. What famous British rock band is known for their red tongue logo?
(The Rolling Stones)






 10. How many goals did the Leafs score against the Lightning in last nights game?