$1000 Minute Wednesday, May 20th

Dale got 8 right today, how did you do!

1) What grows from an acorn?
(Oak Tree)






2) The fizz that bubbles up when you crack open a can of pop is what?
(Carbon Dioxide)







3) Sharon has 40 candles to sell. If she sells three quarters of them, how may candles will she have left?







4) Nepal is located on which continent?








5) Cher celebrates a birthday today. Name the 2010 musical film she stars in with Christina Aguilera.








6) What is a community of ants referred to as?
(A Colony)








7) SPELL: Etiquette.
(E T I Q U E T T E)







8) Earl grey, Chai, and English breakfast, are all different types of what drink?
(Tea/Black Tea)








9) What is the main ingredient used in making a Falafel?
(Chickpeas/Fava beans/Beans)








10) What character did Michael J. Fox play in ‘Back to the Future’?
(Marty McFly)