$10,000 Minute April 13th, 5pm

How did you do today?

  1. What type of electricity do you get when you rub two balloons and they stick together?


2.            Name the fictional prehistoric sea monster referred to as the ‘King of the Monsters’.


3.            In Ontario, at what age can you legally purchase lottery tickets?


4.            Name the American singer whose alter ego name is Sasha Fierce.


5.            What is the name of Toronto’s CFL team?

(Argonauts/Toronto Argonauts)

6.            What is one third of fifteen hundred?


7.            In which European City is the Colosseum located?



8.            SPELL: Champagne.

(C H A M P A G N E)

9.            What name is generally given to wild feral dogs native to Australia?



10.         What kind of nut is Nutella spread made with?