$10,000 Minute Feb 3 5pm

I had no idea about the Blue Jays question. Did you?

  1. Sunscreen protects you from the suns’ UV rays. What does UV stand for?


2.           What is the capital of Saskatchewan?


3.           What is the name of the bird from ‘The Lion King’ that watches over Simba, as Mufasa’s most trusted advisor?


4.           What consecutive years did the Toronto Blue Jays win back-to-back world series titles?

(1992 & 1993 / 92 & 93 also accepted)

5.           If Paul’s babysitter charges $12 an hour, how much will he owe for 4 hours?


6.           In poker, a call or a raise made to deceive one’s opponent is known as a WHAT?

(A Bluff)

7.           What is the name given for a person whose job involves preparing and serving different types of espresso-based coffee drinks?


8.           SPELL: Strategy.

(S T R A T E G Y)

9.           What are baby kangaroos called?


10.         What fictional City is the home of Batman?