$10,000 Minute For Thursday, April 8th At 9AM

How did you do today?

  1. What is Canada’s easternmost province?





  1. What type of scientist studies and forecasts the weather?





  1. By what title were the leaders of Ancient Egypt known as?





  1. SPELL: Exaggerate.

(E X A G G E R A T E)




  1. The top number of a fraction is called the numerator; the bottom number is called the what?






  1. What cocktail is considered the signature drink to be served in a copper mug?

(Moscow Mule)





  1. What is a spider’s web made out of?






  1. What sport would you be playing if the score was 15 – love?






  1. ‘Thinking Out Loud, ‘Photograph’, and ‘Afterglow’ are all songs by which English Kool FM artist?

(Ed Sheeran)





  1. Steve Rodgers is the real name of which Marvel Superhero?

(Captain America)