$10,000 Minute Fri Jan 14 5pm

Julie had 8/10 questions right! Which ones stumped you?

  1. How many sides does a cube have?


2.                  What colour is Grover from Sesame Street?


3.                  Who pulled the sword Excalibur from a stone to become King of England?


4.                  What would 5pm be on a 24-hour clock?


5.                  What does the abbreviation UFO stand for?

(Unidentified Flying Object)

6.                  Yukon Gold, Russet and Fingerling are all varieties of what vegetable?


7.                  According to the song, where did Justin Bieber get his peaches from?


8.                  SPELL: Quinoa.

(Q U I N O A)

9.                  What is the ONLY American state that starts with the letter P?


10.              How does James Bond like his martini?

(Shaken, not stirred)