$10,000 Minute Friday, August 20th -9AM

How did you do this morning!

  1. Kevin, Joe, and Nick make up which American pop-rock band?

(The Jonas Brothers)





  1. In hockey, if a player gets three goals in one game, this is called a what?

(Hat trick)





  1. What instrument does a scientist use to look at very small objects?






  1. What is the name of the writing system used for blind people?






  1. What is the other plural word for cactuses?






  1. SPELL: Euphoria.

(E U P H O R I A)





  1. Madrid is the Capital of which Country?






  1. Beefsteak, Cherry, and Roma are all different varieties of what food?






  1. A movie theatre has 50 rows of seats with 10 seats in each row. How many seats are there in total?

(50 x 10 = 500)





  1. Peter Parker is the real name of WHICH Marvel superhero?