$10,000 Minute Friday February 4th – 2PM

How many would have answered correctly?

  1. Which American city has the nickname ‘Sin City’?

(Las Vegas)

2.            Which Star Trek character often said ‘Live long and prosper’ ?


3.            Name the fruit from the banana family that is starchier, lower in sugar, and generally used for cooking.


4.            What is the name of the Toronto Blue Jays mascot?


5.            Name the famous theoretical physicist that formulated the equation E equals MC squared (e=mc2)

(Albert Einstein/Einstein)

6.            Tom Holland is the third actor to portray Spiderman in Hollywood movies. Name one of the other two actors.

(Toby Maguire/Andrew Garfield)

7.            How many S’s are in the word ASSESSMENT?


8.            In Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’, Romeo’s last name is Montague – and what is Juliet’s last name?


9.            What is the finger beside your thumb called?

(Index/Pointer/Fore Finger)

10.         Name the 90s girl band that would tell you “Don’t go chasing waterfalls”?