$10,000 Minute Friday January 14th – 2PM

Shannon just won $80 and qualifies for the $10,000 Minute game on February 7th!

1. A Triathlon consists of what three components?

(Running, Swimming, and Cycling)

2.                  How many S’s are in the word ASSESSMENT?


3.                  Name the Canadian City that is home to the Big Nickel.


4.                  Vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate make up what kind of ice cream?


5.                  What invention was inspired by examining burrs sticking to clothing?


6.                  Which fraction is greater, three quarters (¾) or five eighths (⅝) ?

(Three quarters)

7.                  How many tentacles does an octopus typically have?


8.                  The Broadway musical Mamma Mia is based on the music of what band?


9.                  Finish the old proverb ‘A bird in the hand is worth…’

(Two in the bush)

10.              What game has players place tiles on a board to form words?