Lynn managed to get 7 out of 10 and has made her way into the draw for the chance at $10,000!

Fri, January 14th – 9AM

  1. 1.                 What element is used in most liquid thermometers?


2.                  What is a group of Lions referred to as?

(A Pride)

3.                  Who in Hollywood is known as ‘The Voice of God’?

(Morgan Freeman)

4.                  What City would you visit to see the Hockey Hall of Fame?


5.                  Claire’s daughter turns 7 today. What year was she born in?


6.                  A deep, broad ditch, usually filled with water and surrounding a castle, is known as a what?


7.                  What is the main vitamin found in oranges?

(Vitamin C)

8.                  SPELL: Campaign.

(C A M P A I G N)

9.                  In Disney Pixar’s ‘Monsters Inc.’ what does the City of Monstropolis use as their energy source?

(Screams/Children screams)

10.              What type of clock is named after a family member?

(Grandfather Clock)