$10,000 MINUTE GAME-Monday, Feburary 7th @ 7:40AM

Tamara Sokyrko of Barrie got her shot at $10,000 and got 6 correct! Walking about with $600!

  1. What is the only current Canadian coin that does NOT have an animal on it?





  1. When one is ‘envious’, they are said to be what colour?





  1. 2200 military time is equivalent to WHAT in standard time?





  1. SPELL:Chauffeur.
    (C H A U F F E U R)





  1. What is the name of Pinocchio’s friend who acted as his conscience in the Disney cartoon movie?
    (Jiminy/Jiminy Cricket)




  1. Name the American artist famous for his ‘Campbell’s Soup Can’ artwork.
    (Andy Warhol)





  1. How many coloured rings make up the Olympics symbol?





  1. Where would you find the ‘Sea of Tranquillity?
    (The Moon)





  1. Name one of the teams playing in the Super Bowl this year.
    (Los Angeles Rams/Cincinnati Bengals)





  1. Dave wanted to buy a donut for his 53 coworkers. He had 7 leftover. How many dozen donuts did he buy.
    5 dozen, (60 donuts)