$10,000 Minute Jan 19 2pm Questions

Number 8 was a stumper for me!

Wed, January 19th – 2PM

  1. What fabric do you obtain from sheep?


2.           The Golden Gate Bridge is located in which California City?

(San Francisco)

3.           If someone asks for your ‘surname’ are they asking for your first or last name?

(Last name)

4.           A movie theatre has 50 rows of seats with 10 seats in each row. How many seats are there in total?

(50 x 10 = 500)

5.           Peter Parker is the real name of WHICH Marvel superhero?


6.           What vegetable is fermented to make Sauerkraut?


7.           ‘Folklore’, ‘Lover’, and ‘Evermore’ are all albums released from which Kool FM artist?

(Taylor Swift)

8.           What are mounds of sand that have been windblown called?

(Dunes/Sand Dunes)

9.           PlayStation is the game console of what company?


10.         What is a common name for table tennis?