$10,000 Minute Jan 19 5pm- $1000 Dollar Game!

Derek Rose won $1000 with a perfect score!!!!

Wed, January 19th – 5PM

  1. What does the H stand for in H2O?


2.           In Greek mythology, Hercules is the son of which god?


3.           What is a more common name used for soccer shoes?

(Cleats/Soccer Cleats)

4.           What type of animal is Rafiki from The Lion King movie?


5.           The New York Stock Exchange was established on which street?

(Wall Street)

6.           If you buy a dozen apples and eat one third of them on the way home, how many did you eat?


7.           What bird is considered a universal symbol of peace?


8.           What is the human body’s largest organ?

(The skin)

9.           How many members are in the Backstreet Boys?


10.         What type of fruit would you get from a palm tree?