$10,000 Minute Jan 21 5pm

Out of 10, how many stumped you?

  1. Name the actor who played the fresh prince of Bel-Air.

(Will Smith)

2.                  75 plus WHAT equals 107?


3.                  What flower is named after the giant burning ball in the sky?


4.                  The most recognized model of how the universe began is known as the WHAT?

(Big Bang/Big Bang Theory)

5.                  Peggys Cove is located in which Canadian province?

(Nova Scotia)

6.                  Ciabatta, pumpernickel, and sourdough are all different types of WHAT food?


7.                  What track and field event involves the throwing of a light spear by hand?

(Javelin/Javelin throw)

8.                  What arctic animal can be found on the Canadian toonie?

(Polar Bear)

9.                  SPELL: Arctic.

(A R C T I C)

10.              Who is the villain; Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?

(Mr. Hyde)