$10,000 Minute Monday, April 26th At 9AM

How did you do today?

  1. What fabric do you obtain from sheep?






  1. What adaptation allows an organism to blend in with its surroundings?







  1. In the poker game ‘Texas Holdem’ how many cards are dealt with each player?







  1. What animal is on the Bacardi rum logo?







  1. What is the name given for the form of art that uses a mixture of paper and glue that hardens when dry?

(Papier Mache)






  1. Which province borders Alberta on the Eastside?








  1. What is the name of Popeye the sailor man’s girlfriend?

(Olive Oyl)






  1. If it’s 19:35 on a 24-hour clock, what time is it on a 12-hour clock?








  1. From the 1964 Disney musical film, which character sang “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down”?

(Mary Poppins)






  1. SPELL:Nuisance.

(N U I S A N C E)