$10,000 Minute Thursday, April 22nd At 9AM

How did you do this morning!

  1. ‘Live long and prosper’ is a quote from which Star Trek character?






  1. Name the fruit from the banana family that is starchier, lower in sugar, and generally used for cooking.







  1. What is the name of the Toronto Blue Jays mascot?







  1. How many decades are in a century?







  1. Pop boy band One Direction was formed after auditioning as solo candidates for which singing competition series?



  1. What type of biologist studies ocean life?







  1. TRUE OR FALSE: The national animal of Scotland is the Unicorn.



  1. SPELL: Boulevard.

(B O U L E V A R D)







  1. What is the next number in this sequence… 17 / 21 / 25 …








  1. Name the only Canadian province that operates fully in the Mountain Time Zone.