$10000 Minute Thursday, August 19th – 2PM

Janet won $60 and qualifies for our $10000 Minute game on September 3rd.

  1. A centaur is a cross between what two things?

(Human and horse)


  1. Pop boy band ‘One Direction’ was formed after auditioning solo for which singing competition series?



  1. If you receive a 25% discount off your purchase of $100, how much money do you have to pay?



  1. What cocktail is considered the signature drink to be served in a copper mug?

(Moscow Mule)


  1. Greenland is a part of which Continent?

(North America)


  1. In the poker game ‘Texas Holdem’ how many cards are dealt to each player?



  1. What device is used to measure temperature?



  1. In 1908, what three letters became recognized as the universal distress signal?



  1. ‘Ewoks’ are a fictional species that appear in what popular film series?

(Star Wars)


  1. SPELL: Karaoke.

(K A R A O K E)