$10,000 Minute Thursday January 13th- 2PM

Stacey from Barrie won $60 and qualifies for the $10,000 Minute on Feb 7th.

1. Kevin, Joe, and Nick make up which American pop rock band?

(The Jonas Brothers)

2.                  In poker, if you have three of a kind and two of a kind in your hand, this is known as a WHAT?

(Full House)

3.                  What instrument does a scientist use to look at very small objects?


4.                  What is the name of the writing system used for blind people?


5.                  SPELL: Euphoria.

(E U P H O R I A)

6.                  Beefsteak, Cherry, and Roma are all different varieties of what food?


7.                  If you bought 2 dozen eggs and need 7 for a recipe, how many eggs will you have left over?

(24 – 7 = 17)

8.                  Name the only Canadian province that operates fully in the Mountain Time Zone.


9.                  What famous ship sank in 1912?

(The Titanic)

10.              What did the fairy godmother turn into a Carriage that carried Cinderella to the ball?

(A Pumpkin)