$10,000 Minute Thursday, January 20th-9AM

How did you do this morning?

  1. Name the Canadian Territory that borders Alaska.





  1. What do honey bees collect?





  1. Which Disney movie villain wore a black dress with a long coat of dalmatian spotted fur?
    (Cruella De Vil)





  1. SPELL: Villain.
    (V I L L A I N)






  1. Butternut, Acorn, and Spaghetti are all different types of WHAT vegetable?




  1. Electricity is typically measured in units of power called WHAT?





  1. In Super Mario Brothers, what is the name of Mario’s archenemy?
    (Bowser/King Koopa)





  1. In baseball, what is the name of the fielder positioned in the infield between second and third base?
    (Short Stop)





  1. What geometrical shape forms the hole that fits an Allen wrench?





  1. How many children does Oprah Winfrey have?