$10,000 Minute Thursday, September 2nd-9AM

How did you do this morning playing along!


  1. A ‘Pescatarian’ is someone who has a vegetarian diet, but still eats what kind of meat?





  1. What is Ontario’s Provincial flower?
    (White Trillium/Trillium)






  1. What kind of alcohol would you traditionally use to make a Strawberry Daiquiri?
    (Rum/White Rum)






  1. SPELL: Daiquiri.
    (D A I Q U I R I)







  1. Name the 1978 musical film that was set in Rydell High School






  1. What ocean is the Great Barrier Reef located in?







  1. The five basic human senses include sight, sound, smell, taste, and WHAT?






  1. A normal resting heart is usually between 60 to 100 BPM. What does BPM stand for?
    (Beats Per Minute)







  1. Camel spin, loop jump, and double axel are all moves used in what sport?
    (Figure Skating)






  1. Who said E equals MC squared?
    (Albert Einstein/Einstein)