$10,000 Minute Tuesday, April 6th-9AM

How did you do this morning?

  1. What bird is considered a universal symbol of peace?




  1. How many centimetres are there in one metre?





  1. What does the H stand for in H20?





  1. Name the device used by musicians that marks time at a selected rate by giving a regular ‘tick’ sound.




  1. Name a racket and ball sport played by two or four players in a four-walled court with a small, hollow rubber ball.
    (Squash or Racquetball )





  1. What vegetable are dill pickles made from?





  1. Who sings the song ‘Ice Ice Baby’?
    (Vanilla Ice)




  1. SPELL: Silhouette.
    (S I L H O U E T T E)




  1. Whose nose grew longer every time he told a lie?




  1. Name the Canadian Territory that borders Alaska.