How did you do?!

1. What did the fairy godmother turn into a Carriage that carried Cinderella to the ball?
(A pumpkin)

2. What sport are you playing if you’re “shooting hoops”?


3. Name the DC comics super villain movie released to theatres last week.

(The Suicide Squad)

4. SPELL: Limousine.

(L I M O U S I N E)

5. What element is used in most liquid thermometers?


6. What is a group of Lions referred to as?

(A Pride)

7. What City would you visit to see the Hockey Hall of Fame?


8.What is the main vitamin found in oranges?

(Vitamin C)

9. Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO of what social media company?


10. Sam read 450 pages of his book, if the book has 875 pages total, how many pages does he have left to read?