$10,000 Minute Tuesday, August 17th-9AM

How did you do today playing along?

  1. Button, Oyster, and Shiitake are all different varieties of what?





  1. In golf, a score of one stroke over par at a hole is called a what?





  1. What colour belt is given to a first-rank karate student?





  1. A ‘murder’ refers to a flock of which type of bird?






  1. What do we have on our tongues that allow us to taste the differences in different foods?
    (Taste buds)





  1. SPELL: Strategy.
    (S T R A T E G Y)






  1. Bruce Banner was exposed to Gamma Radiation, which turned him into what?
    (The Hulk)






  1. Name the Queen of Pop Material Girl who celebrated her 64th birthday yesterday.






  1. What City are you in if you are at Madison Square Garden?
    (New York City)







  1. In math, when following the rule of ‘BEDMAS’, what does the B stand for?