$10,000 Minute Tuesday, January 11th-9AM

How did you do this morning?

  1. What baseball position is known as ‘The hot corner’?

(Third base)



  1. If you have quintuplets, how many kids do you have?




  1. The fizz that bubbles up when you crack open a can of pop is what?

(Carbon Dioxide)




  1. What did Mary Poppins use to fly?

(Her Umbrella/Her Parrot-Handled Umbrella)



  1. If you order a martini ‘with a twist’, the bartender will add what to your martini?

(Lemon peel/Lemon)




  1. Of the four female main characters from ‘Sex In The City, which character is NOT in the HBO sequel called ‘And Just Like That…’?




  1. What organs do fish use to get oxygen from water?




  1. SPELL: Privilege.

(P R I V I L E G E)



  1. Kim orders four dozen bagels. How many bagels did she order in total?

(4×12 = 48)



  1. TRUE OR FALSE: The Canadian Rockies spans across three provinces.

(FALSE – Only 2 provinces – Alberta & British Columbia)