$10,000 Minute Wednesday, April 14th At 9AM

How did you do this morning?

  1. What ocean is the Great Barrier Reef located in?






  1. What is the perimeter of a square with sides seven centimetres long?

(7×4 = 28)





  1. Name a sport with rackets, in which a ‘shuttlecock’ is played back and forth across a net.






  1. What is the only vowel NOT found on the top row of a standard computer keyboard?






  1. What is the name for a medical practitioner qualified to diagnose and treat skin disorders?







  1. Which US State is famous for its peaches?







  1. How many albums did Taylor Swift release in 2020?

(2 – Evermore & Folklore)






  1. What is the name of the bird from ‘The Lion King’ that watches over Simba, as Mufasa’s most trusted advisor?







  1. What plant is often used by humans to ease the pain from a sunburn?

(Aloe/Aloe Vera)






  1. SPELL: Gullible.

(G U L L I B L E)