$10,000 Minute Wednesday, August 18th-9AM

How did you do playing along today?

  1. Paw Patrol the movie is being released in theatres everywhere Friday, name one of the original 5 Pups in Paw Patrol
    (Chase, Rocky, Rubble, Sky, Zuma)




  1. SPELL: Disinfectant.
    (D I S I N F E C T A N T)





  1. Name one of the most common COVID 19 Vaccine manufacturers
    (Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca) 






  1. If you bought 3 dozen donuts and gave away 6 of them, how many would you have leftover?





  1. In a game of tennis, what is the numerical score if it’s Love-Love?





  1. How many capital cities are there in Canada?
    (14 – 10 province capitals, 3 territory capitals, 1 capital City for the Country)





  1. What season will we be in on December 19th, 2021?
    (Fall-Winter doesn’t officially start until December 21st, 2021)





  1. What is the name of Mickey Mouse’s dog?






  1. What does the % represent when it comes to milk?
    (The amount of fat in the milk by weight)





  1. In the board game Monopoly, what colour property is Kentucky Avenue?