$10,000 Minute Wednesday, January 12th-9AM

How did you do this morning?

  1. What liquor do you use when making a traditional screwdriver cocktail?





  1. What is the name of the screwdriver with pointed edges in the shape of an X?

(Philips Screwdriver)





  1. There are 3 spiders sitting on a web, how many legs do they have altogether?

(8 legs per spider = 24 total)





  1. Emerald City is where the Wizard lived in The Wizard of Oz. What colour is Emerald?






  1. SPELL: Emerald.

(E M E R A L D)






  1. On the farm, what is a kid?

(A baby goat)






  1. Who is Batman’s crime-fighting partner?






  1. How many colours are in a rainbow?





  1. Which singing voice is the highest pitch – Soprano, Tenor or Baritone?






  1. In sports, what does MVP stand for?

(Most Valuable Player)