$10,000 Minute Winner January 11th 5pm

Congratulations Megan for answering 8/10 questions right! How many did you guess correctly?

  1. What kind of seeds are used to make Tahini?

(Sesame seeds)

2.                  What instrument do doctors use to listen to a heartbeat?


3.                  What is the name of Sherlock Holmes’ trusty sidekick?


4.                  What European Country is shaped like a boot?


5.                  What bird is a predator by nature and the national emblem of the United States?

(Bald Eagle)

6.                  How many runs are scored when someone hits a grand slam in baseball?


7.                  If you saved $1,000 once a month for 3 years, how much money would you have saved?


8.                  What is traditionally the last car on a train?

(The Caboose)

9.                  How many letters are in the word alphabet?


10.              The songs ‘Driver’s License’ and ‘Good 4 U’ are from which Kool FM Artist?

(Olivia Rodrigo)