10,000 Minute Winner January 13 5pm

James had 9/10 questions right! How many did you get correct?

  1. What term is used for someone that can use both hands with equal skill?


2.                  How many T’s are in the word TENTATIVE?


3.                  Gelato is the Italian word for what?

(Ice Cream)

4.                  The 5 boroughs of New York City include The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and WHAT?


5.                  What does 10 x 75 equal?


6.                  What name is generally given to wild feral dogs native to Australia?


7.                  How many runners make up a relay team?


8.                  Name the American singer whose alter ego name is Sasha Fierce.


9.                  What element is used to fill a balloon in order to make it float?


10.              Which Disney film does the ‘Cheshire Cat’ appear in?

(Alice In Wonderland)