2 in 5 Would Take A Solo Vacation Over Holiday Celebrations

We're getting tired of the same old thing!

New research finds that 45% of people would consider a solo vacation instead of the traditional family holiday celebration this year…

Of those who are travelling for the holidays this year, over half are interested in exploring the holidays in new ways…

More than three-quarters (77%) of respondents admit that by the time the holidays roll around, they’re going to need a vacation.

And for almost 30% (mostly moms, LOL) “vacation” does not include travelling to be with family…

Respondents feel like they’ll need a break from work, their partner and even their kids once the holidays do start.

In years past, respondents spent their holidays either at their home, a family member’s home or their partner’s home.

The survey found that while 70% of respondents are excited about their holiday plans, 16% feel bored.

This year, 58% of respondents don’t want to sit around at home, and instead, 16% are looking to go on a vacation or avoid someone’s house entirely.


People would spend an average of over $1,500 ($1,514.26) on holiday travel.

Tropical getaways and small towns are tied for the top destination we would be interested in visiting this holiday season (both 51%).

These were followed by all-inclusive resorts (50%), family-friendly destinations (43%) and even snowy mountains (43%).


  • To spend time with their kids – 60%
  • To spend time with their partner 59%
  • To go on a leisure vacation – 55%
  • To experience the holidays in a new way – 52%
  • To visit loved ones – 49%
  • To take some time off of work – 39%
  • To visit somewhere new – 25%
  • To upkeep tradition – 17%