“I must be a snowflake because I’m falling for you.”

The holidays are the greatest time of the year. And whether you’re single or in a relationship, everybody knows a turkey, some mistletoe and some epic, hilarious Christmas pick-up lines help to make the season bright.

Maybe you’re hoping to make your partner laugh (or blush). Perhaps you want to make a festive, lasting impression on a cute stranger at the bar. Maybe you need some funny new lines to send in your group text to make everyone say, “IJBOL.” Perhaps you want to shoot over a flirty text to your crush. These Christmas-inspired pickup lines will do the trick. You could even say that from now on, your flirting troubles will be miles away.

1. “Do I look like a Drummer Boy? Because you make my heart go ‘ba rum bu bu bum.’”

2. “Are you naughty, or nice?”

3. “Just like Mariah, all I want for Christmas is you.”

4. “Baby, it’s cold outside—but I can keep you warm.”

5. “Are you into Christmas movies? Because I’d love for us to be Home Alone.”

6. “I’d definitely ‘have myself a merry little Christmas’ if you agreed to go out with me.”

7. “The song’s true—I would have a blue Christmas without you.”

8. “Do you feel like being a ho-ho-ho?”

9. “No need to be Frosty—let’s grab a drink together.”

10. “I asked Santa for you this year.”

11. “Would you look at that? I think I see some mistletoe.”

12. “I’d love to give you a jingle if you’d give me your number.”

13. “Are you a tree topper? Because you seem like a star.”

14. “How much does Santa weigh? Well, enough to break the ice.”

15. “Do you want to stuff my stockings?”

16. “I’m (chest)nuts for you.”

17. “‘Do you see what I see?’ There are sparks between us!”

18. “Are you Rudolph? Because I’d love for you to guide my sleigh tonight.”

19. “You look sweeter than a Christmas cookie.”

20. “Are you a strand of Christmas lights? Because baby, you sparkle.”

21. “I like what I see—from your head to your mistletoes.”

22. “I ho-ho-hope you’ll go out with me.”

23. “‘Tis the season to be jolly…and shoot my shot with you.”

24. “Special delivery—Santa brought you the best Christmas gift: me.”

25. “Are you a jingle bell? Because we could go all the way.”

26. “Why aren’t you at the top of the tree, where all the angels belong?”

27. “Want to have a not-so-silent night?”

28. “I must be a snowflake because I’m falling for you.”

29. “Ooh, I love that holiday sweater—it looks like girlfriend material.”

30. “Are you my present? Because I’d love to unwrap you.”

31. “Wanna Scrooge?”

32. “Let’s put the ‘ho’ in ‘holidays.”

33. “Are you a chestnut? You’re so hot, you must’ve been roasting on an open fire.”

34. “Your smile is more eye-catching than tinsel.”

35. “Are you the Grinch? Because you’ve stolen my heart.”