This isn't surprising!

Believe it or not, the phrase “sliding into your DMs” is now a decade old, if not older.  And a lot has changed over the past 10-plus years of social media.

Dating.com has the results of a new survey, and 47% of people said their relationship began because one of them “decided to shoot their shot” in a private social media message.

Of course, they were talking to people who were on the dating scene in recent years, so the pool didn’t include people who have been married for 40 years and had never heard of social media when they were hooking up.

Still, 47% show the MASSIVE impact of social media on new relationships.

Other findings include:

72% of people said social media has been a cause of conflict either in their current or previous relationship.

79% used social media to “hard launch,” or announce, their relationship.  (You know, “making it Instagram-official.”)

50% admitted to fighting with their partner about still having an ex’s photos visible on their Facebook or Instagram pages.

55% say their partner is often distracted by social media on their cell phone while they are trying to have a conversation with them.

And 40% of people feel their significant other’s social media profile is “an ick.” (???)  (Their words, not ours.)