Are You Micro-Cheating? If You Like Certain Social Media Posts-You Might Be!

(I micro-cheat with my bestie all the time, then)

According to TikTok, there are varying degrees of cheating — but no one can decide where to draw the line.

While there is a clear distinction around what defines physical cheating, emotional cheating is more brutal to construe.

In response, users on TikTok have been debating what falls under the umbrella of ‘micro-cheating, and with over 25.8 million views on the hashtag #microcheating on the app, many ideas are floating around about what micro-cheating is…

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According to a relationship expert, micro-cheating is the act of “cultivating, in small ways, inappropriate intimate connections outside your relationship.”

While that doesn’t involve physical cheating — like having sex with or kissing another person — actions that break “emotional exclusivity,” like emotionally connecting with someone and telling them things you don’t tell your partner fall under that umbrella.

According to TikTok, you are micro-cheating if:

Confiding in your ex about your [current] relationship issues, neglecting to tell someone the status of your relationship, inside jokes with someone who is not your partner, secretly messaging someone and not inviting your partner to events.

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The key to avoiding crossing the line and “micro-cheating” is to establish clear boundaries and communicate with your partner.